Trends are great – they give you an idea about what’s popular for the year and what is going to be in the shops.  As builders, trends can be a very wide area that covers everything from extension styles to the kind of kitchens people might want us to fit.  So, what are the big home improvement trends for 2017?

Colour trends

For many interiors projects, colour trends are always crucial.  People often go one of two ways when having a renovation of their kitchen or bathroom – embrace the latest trends or go the other way!  One of the big trends for interiors this year is the use of matte black.  Glossy white has been popular for a few years but this year, the opposite is true.  Kitchen units in matte wood effects are bringing a very sophisticated look to kitchens and can also be applied to appliances and even other rooms of the house.

Copper accents have come to replace the trend of rose gold that we saw in interiors last year.  This one is very easy to use in the kitchen with everything from lighting to pots and pans and even accessories such as picture frames or cushions in other rooms.

If you like colour in your room, then you will want to embrace the jewel tones trend for 2017.  Not every part of the room needs to be in these bold shades and make an excellent feature wall or focus colour.  Dark purples, blues and greens are particularly popular.

Styles on trend

If there’s a style that is popular in Cheltenham and around the area that is easy to get into, it’s Bohemian.  You can’t even get a clear definition of what it means and that openness and flexibility mean you can bring some Boho chic into your room and also ensure the space is very personal.  Bohemian often uses a lot of soft colours such as pinks and turquoise alongside upcycled furniture and patterned accents.

Nature inspired looks remain a big trend for this year and this is another style that lets you interpret is as you like.  It can involve bringing real plants into spaces to add that natural touch as well as the colours they bring.  It can also mean using natural accents such as wooden shelves or marble accents in a bathroom.  The Pantone Colour of the Year is even called Greenery and is a natural green shade that reminds you of trees and plants so there’s no doubt that the use of natural elements and colours will be a big trend for 2017.

Smart homes

Perhaps the biggest trend that builders are integrating into their designs this year isn’t about the décor, the furniture or the style of the room – it’s the use of smart home features.  There are lots of these devices already available such as smart lighting, thermostats and even smart appliances and the demand for them looks set to continue.  More customers are asking for ways to integrate these smart facilities into their rooms in different ways and have the home of the future today.