To desire to create more space in your home is something many of us will encounter at some point.  Whether the family is growing, the kids want their own space or you have a job that involves working from home, there are lots of reasons why more space is required.  But what are the best ways to gain that extra space?

Loft conversions

Not every property is suitable for a loft conversion but if it is, then you can gain a substantial amount of space.  There are some regulations that apply to what you need to do if you plan to make it into a liveable space but a builder specialising in renovation projects will easily help you with this.  Even if you want somewhere to store all the clutter from downstairs, the loft can be ideal and with a little more work, it can easily be transformed into a bedroom, a playroom or even a home cinema room.

Looking long term, adding a loft conversion can increase the value of your property and also its appeal to potential buyers.  Some experts say that by spending £25,000 on a loft conversion, you could increase the value of your house by £40,000, although there are other factors that come into it.

Extending the house

Perhaps the most popular way to add space to your house in Cheltenham and around the area is with an extension.  There are also lots of different styles that mean you can get just what you want – these include brick built extensions, conservatories, and numerous styles in between such as orangeries and garden rooms.  Once space is added, there is a lot you can do with it.

Solid extensions look much like the main house and can be a single or double storey to match the height of the property – although two storey extensions are harder to pass through planning permission.  Conservatories make great casual space for dining rooms, living areas or even for home offices.  Then combination styles such as garden rooms have something of both and can be used for almost any purpose.

Repurposing space

Sometimes, the answer isn’t to add but to amend the space that you have.  Often, on older houses, there was the idea of having lots of smaller rooms but the modern preference for wider, open spaces can mean that repurposing space could be an excellent idea.

Walls can often be removed by an experienced builder to allow two rooms to become one.  A kitchen and dining room is a popular example – remove one wall and you have an open space that is light, airy and still practical.  Similarly, removing walls between two small bedrooms to create one larger one can work if you don’t need the two rooms separate.  Bigger rooms can house more furniture and still have space leftover.


There are lots of ways to make more space in your home from adding an extension to repurposing space already within it.  By getting advice from a qualified builder, you can be sure the work you are planning is acceptable under the different regulations and will provide the space you desire.